Does young blood highlight Lu Neng infuse is move of key of future of battle array ply passed accuse?

Does young blood highlight Lu Neng infuse is move of key of future of battle array ply passed accuse?

Depend on battle array ply, lu Neng reserve force beat reserve force of Qingdao Yellow Sea on warm up contest.

Manuscript origin: Neat Lu Wan signs up for · neat Lu Yi to nod Ji Yu of reporter of learn on job

On May 21 morning, the contest of the 2nd warm up of Shandong Lu Neng and Qingdao Yellow Sea opens contest as agreed upon. This field match is reserve force warm up to surpass, in battle array of hair of both sides head, it is young player and reserve player for the most part, benchangbi surpasses the limitation that also does not have substitution frequency. Final, duan Liuyu, Li Hailong is Lu Nengjian result respectively, lu Neng 2: 1 conquer Yellow Sea.

The reserve force wins a ball to show Lu Nengzhen allows ply

In warm up contest of 20 days, shandong Lu Neng 1: 2 not enemy Qingdao Yellow Sea, be defeated in first Qiludebi below blast come. In Yellow Sea in just rising, exceed when, yellow Sea high level expresses to inspect Lu Neng team in interview ” eldest brother ” . Argue of field of both sides head, “Eldest brother ” was defeated ” little younger brother ” , lu Neng is defeated accidentally, but not bad luck.

A match, lu Neng follows 4 national group training, foreign aids to cannot give the circumstance of battle to fall in 4 nations base, from the collect in brunt, rotate, reserve force head hair battle array comes out. Though will look from player angle, player battle array of Lu Neng really excel Yellow Sea, but whole looks, they are combined together, no matter be in tactical understanding, still carry out with adjust on, cannot follow Yellow Sea photograph to compare. Watch Yellow Sea instead, in 39 years old of veteran Wang Dong’s series connection falls, team whole is attacked prevent train of thought to be carried out very outstandingly, make a way very bright also.

With respect to the age character, lu Neng is entering the court want in the match more young change a few, be faced with the Yellow Sea veteran with match more rich experience, of Lu Neng ” green storm ” fail to lift billows. And this one argue, it is solid dozen of real two groups ” hind billow ” the argue between. In this match, the Duan Liuyu that was born 1998 takes the lead in the 16th minute scoring a goal, the sea otter of full back plum that was born 1996 is in closely then the 33rd minute of burst open the door notchs.

The match of the reserve force, outside the argue that casts match level, more of core is ply of team battle array than going all out. This also is Lu Neng the main reason that the 2nd match gains a victory. Should talk really rise, nevering mention it is medium exceed Yellow Sea of Qingdao of go up horse, take a broad view is whole in super- , deepness of battle array of native land player can rival with Lu Neng also can be counted on one’s fingers, this and Lu Neng throw green example career do not have nothing to do energetically is.

Having ” Chinese Agukesi ” the Lu Neng that say, for Chinese football education gave large quantities of one outstanding players. Be in in super- , in on the competition ground of each profession league matches such as armour, in the team of a gleam of of majority profession club, can find Lu Nengqing example to walk out of the player that come almost. Be in last year, lu Neng in all name of 14 players selected each country, among them one’s previous experience of system of Lu Nengqing standard reach 10 people. During wintry window, guo Tian Yu, Yao Juncheng, Liu exceeds the young young general such as this world to return to, it is to be team infuse more a young blood.

Agreement the end of the year expires to still search not to look for admire Lai

“Want to score a goal, lai looking for admire ” . This word mirrorred Lu Nengjin to study the current situation of end on certain level. Nearly two sports season, the part that admire Lai acts is archer of Lu Neng number one, lu Neng also spreads out around admire Lai mostly in the tactics on aggression end. Last sports season, admire Lai altogether infiltrates for team 17 balls, the 2nd archer inside the team Gedesi infiltrates 12 balls, two archer devoted the in part that goal of the sports season on whole group counts in all.

Be absent at present as a result of two big shot blast in, although match of 20 days is defeated,give Yellow Sea accordingly, still sing without reason decline the Lu Neng of this sports season. Actually, in brunt personnel very below irregular circumstance, the field in Luneng was hit likewise cooperate well. Hind on line of defence, dai Lin and Zheng Zheng’s partner are relatively firm also. What Lu Nengzhen allows is the biggest short board, be in actually forward.

Below the circumstance that admire Lai is absent, the Tian Yu of young general Guo that Lu Neng was expedited is high center likewise. Year only 192cm of height of Guo cropland rain, comparative with the admire Lai height of 194cm. Last year when Er of effectiveness Wuhan eminent, guo Tian Yu is behaved not common, regard line of team sharp edge as fulcrum, cooperate tacit understanding with a few foreign aids of team, succeed dish of work the aggression firepower of team. Because this is returned to rash can beginning, he is considered as the successor of admire Lai.

In the match, the Guo Tian Yu that the Chan Bing on sharp edge line fights is without the focus that becomes adversary place troops on garrison duty accidentally, because antagonism force and sky are medium ability is weaker, guo Tian Yu is in as lofty as the other side in in the antagonism of full back very be in an unfavorable situation, face the other side close-fitting when defending, what Guo Tian Yu protects ball ability is short board also exposed come out. In addition, from the beginning of the year Dibaila drills since, lu Neng insists hit the ground, first warm up is surpassed also advocate hit road ground attack, this lets the height advantage of Guo Tian Yu cannot be developed.

Be worth what carry is, at present admire Lai already 35 years old, the contract of he and Lu Neng also will be in the end of the year expires this year. From age angle consideration, the possibility that admire Lai and Lu Neng renew the contract is not large, lu Neng also must want to make good plan ahead of schedule. At present choice no more than of Lu Neng searchs next admire Lai, continue to call headroom tactics, or slam the door dozen of law before this, the focal point move is passed to the ground accuse. From circumstance of near future training and foreign aids of the full back in introducing Kadaer’s angle considers, it seems that Luneng chooses latter, the possibility that uses new tactical system namely wants a few bigger.