Does Mei Xi compare C Luo Gengjiang by ball ability? Why the pedestrian inside the football more take Mei Xi

Does Mei Xi compare C Luo Gengjiang by ball ability? Why the pedestrian inside the football more take Mei Xi

Consider ball ability, two people who is more outstanding?

“Although position is general, he also can make a motion 45 times in the match, let you feel puzzled ‘ is he how accomplish ‘ ? Let you feel puzzled ‘ is he how accomplish ‘ ??

“Look in me, his him drive means is first. His him drive means is first..

Above two words, which are to say Mei Xi, which are to say C collect? The answer is apparent. In fact, hear a football to encircle the people inside to mention Mei Xi C when us collect when, the similar difference that draw wind also is very outstanding. Mei Xi is a talent, c Luo Zegeng resembles is a machine — the adept public figure that has had this kind to state, absolutely not merely card blocks.

Those who block card is wraparound have very much representative

Actually from to Mei Xi the evaluation of C collect looks, the trend of the pedestrian inside football is more remarkable still: Ball ability and theory, think Mei Xi compares C collect more outstanding; Conviction rate and theory, compare pair of C collect to Mei Xi more be convinced a few.

Mention C collect, challenge, drive, ego goes after such term to be used more; Mention Mei Xi, such term uses means of talent, skill, kickball more. When look upon travels together, football group public figure and the thinking means that encircle alien are not identical. They won’t resemble information date and forum in that way enumerate gives one caboodle data to contain Troy than quarrel than going, have oneself intuitionistic judgement however.

On the technology perfect carry out

Can you think of? !

Where is what meaning? Cite a case: 2014 world cup, two goals of J collect and Fanpeixi, which more wonderful?

Choose Fanpeixi’s person to be able to point out, the goal of J collect is admittedly wonderful, but that is only ” movement of perfect executive technology ” score a goal, stop a ball wonderful, join fluent, shoot is wonderful. And Fanpeixi this ball, had you seen what choose head to attack the door directly in that position? He is not to cannot stop a ball! Light is this, fan Peixi had won!

In other words, with the goal with J allied collect does not say numberless as the sand, but also can appear from time to time; Dan Fanpei on the west such goal… resemble Yi Bu that over-distance is ticked off greatly same, the most arrogant is not Gou Jin goes to a ball, be in that place however he can be ticked off directly unexpectedly!

Which have so play?

Because this is when the show that sees other player, adept person can have experience and judge with the experience of oneself, see oneself can be accomplished, namely what a lot of people say when mentioning Mei Xi ” kickball means ” . This is one kind is opposite ” new world ” development, is to be in not merely ” foregone world ” in accomplish perfect. Compare C collect, the member that Mei Xi has more movement concede points people feel, this I can be not done.

This kind learns bully or the example of type of Wu Lin ace, talking about Mei Xi C collect when also had said a lot of times. Look at the examination paper of C collect, you perhaps can think, I read reference book 2 hours more again everyday, brush 100 problems more again, next time I also can fast good; And the examination paper that looks at Mei Xi, you may be more it is prostrate — good, this kind of solution inscribes a method, I admit to think broken head also wants not to come out.

Of Mei Xi ” of the Great Master make “

This also is why, the personage inside a lot of course of study can say Mei Xi can make all such becoming simple. What is C collect then? More resembling is to eliminate all difficulties. Same a difficult problem, one eliminates all difficulties, one becomes simple, apparently perhaps looking on the result is assault fortified positions the gram is difficult, but unscramble among them way to do sth really, the person of familiar all difficulties is natural more apt ” become simple ” look to compare ” eliminate all difficulties ” tall one class.

Be worn jointly even if take ill-affected issue. Mei Xi can be changed numerous for brief, the player that thinks to do not have ability to accomplish this oneself people be convinced more easily; C collect endeavors to eliminate all difficulties, the effort that union of even if endowment gives the player of 99.99% also is not done at all, but from theoretic go up to be able to touch more with impressions a few, so total someone says to try hard to be able to become C collect quite, because this is easier,also be opposite C collect is ill-affected.

Adept person is mixed to Meixi the impressions of C collect, former it is distrustful life, latter is to refuse to obey hold back is worn.

C Luo Cong ” on impressions ” can touch more a few

Fasten misunderstanding, I did not say C collect can touch really. Portuguese giant star is having transcendental talent undoubtedly, his spirit that respect property is mixed also is not to him bloodcurdling driving force who says to have have, say to hold to with respect to perseverant. What is more,the rather that C Luo Hai has quite the goal countering a day of one part, enough allows a person of the same trade sigh with regret is not done really. Can enough effort become C collect? This also is a bullshit apparently.

But at least from theoretic, intuitionistic perhaps go up and character, c Luo Hao resembles leaving you a little close so a bit. Seem to see two big looks, among them you as if feel OK hard to chase, another you know to affirm his layer grade.

When mentioning size collect, total also somebody so say

When mentioning Xiaoluo of big Luo He, people also can use as similar as descriptive Mei Xi vocabulary, for example ” had been felt by god ” . A bit earlier, when respecting horse plays the ability way of much accept and shellfish benefit, also can this is planted ” what they do we are not done ” gasp in admiration. In ability law this level, c collect also is worth commend very much of course, but let him go on contention history truly first-rate, not be this one it seems that.

What is that? It is achievement. Ability, achievement and historical status are not equal, better perhaps give the football ability law with person deeper impression to also need not mean higher achievement like that. The motivation with respecting manner and perfect pursuit, c collect is in whole football history on be afraid rare its be equal to. Benefit, old horse, as big as shellfish collect, Xiaoluo, Mei Xi people photograph comparing, CR7 is gone by the means of highly praise an unique position.

Of Keluopu comment on very reach the designated position

Hope to strap place to say like England legend: “C collect is so dedicated with effort, make oneself as far as possible strong, but in skill respect, I think Mei Xi has more talent. ” theory make oneself as far as possible crackajack, attack a city to unplug stockaded village behead obtains honor ceaselessly, it is better that Luo Zou of nobody comparing C gets this way. Because Dan Rulai overcomes Er place character, the nature that Mei Xiling’s person enjoys, look in him should compare C collect these are taller.

Keluopu’s summary is more accurate: “If you depict yourself into a perfect player, that must have the height of C collect, jump high, run quickly. Have the professional attitude of C collect even, in that way this player is very perfect. In that way this player is very perfect..

“However Meixike becomes so simple with letting everything. Accordingly, on the football ground, I prefer to resemble Mei Xi, but C Luo Ye is a player that makes a person fab. But C Luo Ye is a player that makes a person fab..

Interesting contrast

Say again, craft discretion is not equal at making on any account, saying the achievement of C collect to be able to touch also is only ” look ” can, should be being accomplished actually is almost impossible. But two people are in ability law and the difference that show means to go up, can let coterie speak of Mei Xi is heavier really field ability law and endowment, speak of manner of profession of C Luo Gengchong and success, the Mei Xi that and be opposite is thought ability way is better more be convinced.

The difference on this kind of acknowledge and evaluation is existence originally, a bit did not debase the meaning of C collect. Rather, c Luo Neng will overcome Luo Pu in the mouth ” perfect player ” accomplish such, let everybody obviously ill-affected, bright apperception gets him to also also can refuse to obey only however all right hold back is worn, explaining C Luo Zou crossed the path with a great how, achieved the career success with great how.

Do some things have Mei Xi to you can be done only? Right, but some look the thing that others also can accomplish, actually also only C Luo Neng is done.

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