Intermediary of another name for Guangdong Province: Foreign aids regulation exceeds to restore in ” note 6 newspapers 5 on 4 ” only field changes 5 people

Intermediary of another name for Guangdong Province: Foreign aids regulation exceeds to restore in ” note 6 newspapers 5 on 4 ” only field changes 5 people

Does foreign aids regulation exceed to restore in ” note 6 newspapers 5 on 4 ” ?

As Dalian and Suzhou two competion area are decided really, of 2020 sports season in exceed league matches to let a person see the sign that start eventually. Be in in the Brazilian foreign aids that transcends each line also gradually after rejoin, before the hopeful of foreign aids regulation of this sports season restores this, had made ” note 6 newspapers 5 on 4 ” , and can change in every match below the circumstance of 5 players, what each line transcends in is strong weak, the true reserve player that who watchs is stronger.

■ king of reporter of new wall bulletin enemy

Will open contest on July 25 court of two contests district decides basically

Before the holiday that carry midday, china is sufficient assist finished pair of Dalian competion area make an on-the-spot investigation. Subsequently, china is sufficient assist want Suzhou of fight in some places one by one again, inspect the soft hardware establishment of Suzhou competion area. China is sufficient assist undertake examine and verify so anxiously to two competion area, a main reason is about to open contest in Yu Zhongchao.

It is reported, the race site of two competion area has decided Dalian and Suzhou. Dalian respect, field of 3 base Yo is base of green example of stadium of city of Dalian sports center, gold, Dalian; Suzhou respect, field of 3 base Yo is Suzhou sports center, Suzhou hill of abstruse body center, elder brother sports center. Additional, two competion area still chose field of at least 6 training respectively, in order to satisfy the daily training of team of each competion area. In hotel side, two competion area offer 10 equipment to choose a hotel to give China sufficient assist, sponsor, medium exceed each team and media to be entered.

Although China is sufficient assist the will open contest on July 25 plan that submit has not been examined and approve formally, relevant detailed rules still also does not have pair of grandfather cloth, each club was informed Dan Zhongchao this one message, the most mothball battle before the program that opens contest according to this time is having sports season.

Suffer epidemic situation effect, exceed in, in armour each team can search adversary warm up around only. Recently since a many month, course of study of million of beautiful of rich force of big, Guangzhou, Shenzhen mixes Guangzhou constant Meizhou the Hakkas (in armour) between 4 Guangdong team already frequent warm up for many times. This afternoon 6 when, guangzhou double hero will have a competition again in Yue Xiushan.

According to in group, big, rich force mixes constant deep sufficient be in Dalian competion area. If do not have an accident, 3 team are in in July the middle ten days of a month get on north. From contest advancement is stationed in competion area, in the time of about two months that end to the match, all personnel must strictly observe team regulation of national epidemic prevention, accept unified managing. What 3.1 line will make each team between site of hotel, race, training field is daily.

Foreign aids dimensions expands

Every change 5 people to play big strong weak difference

According to Brazilian media coverage, si Ka of benefit of tower of constant great outside help be about to rejoin. Epidemic situation is the most serious the player of the area can rejoin, this is meant in exceed the foreign aids of each team to be able to come back. The foreign aids regulation that exceeds in also can restore what had made by last year ” note 6 newspapers 5 on 4 ” .

Before this, china is sufficient assist regular to the foreign aids of 2020 sports season program is: Every team but accumulative total registers 7 foreign aids, register 6 foreign aids at the same time, every match signs up 5 foreign aids, 4 foreign aids come on stage in the meantime. Below the case that opens contest till ability of second half of the year in 2020 sports season, the meaning that annual accumulative total registers 7 foreign aids already not quite, to a lot of team, have 5 to 6 foreign aids enough deal with this ” shrink ” sports season.

Additional, as a result of in super- will dress the new rule that other league matches changes 5 people every, each line transcends in advocate respect of director of Shuai Zailin field also had more adjustment space. Nevertheless, because the integral actual strength between each team is uneven, the difference on bench deepness can let the distance between powerful young group become bigger necessarily, match be concerned about also can become smaller accordingly. To a league matches, be concerned about decreases is not a favour.

Of course, do not eliminate Chinese sufficient association to use a respect to undertake adjustment in personnel. The message says, the list of each team game that exceeds in 2020 sports season will hold 23 people from 18 people enlarge, also put in 6 foreign aids to be able to enter the likelihood of match list so. Allow more foreign aids to play the game, can pull take part in the match nearly the actual strength between the team, young team advocate Shuai Neng has more answering quite politic. From the point of angle of league matches competition ability, this affirmation has active sense. Nevertheless, look conversely, more foreign aids can play the game, inevitable also meeting compresses the vivosphere of native land player on certain level. Both between, china is sufficient assist need makes good balance on policy of choose and employ persons.


Foreign aids 7 choose 6 deep sufficient the trouble that faces happiness

Current, the club that team of a gleam of exceeds to obtain 6 foreign aid in is not much. Nevertheless, fill vacancies in the proper order ” fail to go up to the next grade ” deep sufficient lie another extreme. Before league matches begins, late full probable meeting has 7 foreign aid, and this still does not calculate rental and outer all alone Sa.

Deep sufficient advocate benefit of Ma Yi of sagacious of base of the nation before the Switzerland that handsome Duonaduoniqin nods is at present in segregation, had wanted segregation period only, he with respect to will formal rejoin. Besides benefit of sagacious horse Yi, deep sufficient instantly has had 3 foreign aid in Saiernasi, Puleixiyaduo, horse. And, deep sufficient had not stopped ” armament ” footstep, besides try the individual plant of Korea halfback the Song Dynasty with long already lecture to fume, deep sufficient still want to sign Iranian full back Pulaliganji and Congo wing compare blessing horse.

Individual plant of if the Song Dynasty is fumed, Pulaliganji and Bifuma all count a team, so deep sufficient redundant a foreign aids. In other words, deep sufficient need is cut into parts in the 3 people in Saiernasi, Puleixiyaduo and horse firstly. As to it is who can be abandaned after all, duonaduoni still did not make final decision, look like the trouble that is happiness.

Of course, duonaduoni also should not be chosen too hard. After all, the training of two many months and warm up are surpassed recently, deep sufficient it is for core, Pu Lei with Saiernasi Xiyaduo is arrowhead to spread out. Tired Home Yusaierweiya is to be far from team for a long time in medium horse. Must 3 choose firstly if, short of accident, malili should be by deep sufficient abandaned person selected.

The word says, even if rejection is used, ma Li is unapt also can kick without the ball, the armour in exceeding in still has look of foreign aids of existence of much home club to be short of, it is too difficult that Ma Li wants to seek a next homes. Recently, ma Li and strand the rich force halfback in Home Saierweiya to hold Xi Ji in the palm to meet together, two people still uploaded group photo in gregarious network. In quota of people of rich force foreign aids insufficient circumstance falls, lease Ma Li rich force plays half an year also can yet be regarded as a method.