Qiao Yang of Guo Ailun 31+9+7 chops basket of 60 minutes of distant to get the better of Tong Xi greatly for nothing 2 Lian Sheng

Qiao Yang of Guo Ailun 31+9+7 chops basket of 60 minutes of distant to get the better of Tong Xi greatly for nothing 2 Lian Sheng

On June 30, the CBA convention after intermediary heat surpasses the have a contest that enters, tong Xi meets Liaoning team head-on. This battle, the downwind with the stream that Liaoning makes, precede successively, guo Ailun, Mei Ao closes chop 61 minutes, 120-107 of help Liaoning team beats Tong Xi, carry off change handsome after two Lian Sheng.

With sunlight team 3 people notch on double, among them Yang Du gets 60 minutes 5 board 2 secondary attack, this sports season of CBA of 60 minutes of creation Chanchangde divides the individual new tall, hada enlighten 19 minutes 18 board 5 secondary attack, why to respect beautiful 10 minutes. Liaoning team 5 people notch on double, guo Allan 7 backboard of 31 minutes of 9 secondary attack, Mei Ao 5 backboard of 30 minutes of 6 secondary attack, Han Dejun 19 minutes of 15 backboard 5 secondary attack 2 grab, He Tianju 2 secondary attack of 15 minutes of 5 backboard, Zhao Jiwei 11 minutes 4.

First battle, liaoning team comes up to be sent with respect to planted agent power, it is Guo Ailun first two punish completely medium, subsequently planted agent of Mei Ao, Guo Ailun, Han Dejun 3 double hit, hit adversary 8-0 to attack bow wave. Hada enlighten in exterior line violent wind it is Tong Xi 3 minutes hemostatic, he Tianju is retaliated immediately two write down 3 minutes. Liaoning enlarges lead dominant position quickly to two digit. Tall – Yang Wai line 3 minutes, but immediately Guo Allan two punish completely medium strick back. After Han Dejun hits a 2+1, tong Xi hit Liaoning an aggression small climax, cent difference narrows, 18-22. In Mei Aobiao live firmly 3 minutes for Liaoning condition. First battle stops, liaoning 29-24 banner Tong Xi 5 minutes.

After second section battle, tong Xi is cast repeatedly belt punish connect 5 minutes, turned score 29 smooth, subsequently hada enlighten empty basket fills into, tong Xi is connected so that exceed score 7 minutes instead. Inside and outside of cliff of Han Dejun, tall poem blossoms to get 5 minutes repeatedly, liaoning masters lead dominant position afresh. Han Dejun makes persistent efforts quiver 3 minutes, guo Allan planted agent is procurable, quiver of Zhao afterwards Wei after 3 minutes, liaoning team enlarges score difference to two digit afresh, 54-45. Guo Allan low hand adds 2 minutes again, first half ends, liaoning 56-45 banner Tong Xi 11 minutes.

Yi Bian again battle. Inside and outside of Zhao afterwards Wei blossoms take the lead in be being taken, planted agent of Allan of Mei Ao, Guo continues to send power, liaoning takes the chance to hit a 11-4 to attack bow wave, enlarge the advantage that distinguish difference. It is successive planted agent sends Mei Ao, Guo Ailun power, liaoning enlarges the advantage that distinguish difference to 20+ again. The 3rd battle stops, liaoning 92-73 precedes Tong Xi enters minor details 19 minutes.

Last, guo Ailun takes the lead in planted agent is procurable, add punish hit the target, liaoning enlarges the advantage to 20+ afresh. Tall – poplar hit into 2+2+1, li Chengdong is hit into 2+1, tong Xi must call an aggression climax repeatedly, contractible cent is poor. The basket on He Tianju is cast into 2 minutes, live firmly situation. Guo Ailun two punish hit the target, help Liaoning notchs take the lead in about a hundred, 100-87. Planted agent connects He Tianju, Han Dejun in, liaoning takes the chance to enlarge an advantage. Tall – poplar planted agent is procurable, the help notchs with sunlight about a hundred, but backward still Liaoning 18 minutes. Final, change handsome the Liaoning after continues Gao Guang is performed, sunlight together with 120-107 conquer, behead obtains Lian Sheng.

Tong Xi head sends: Tall – poplar, Qiao Wenhan, He Jingjia, Li Chengdong, hada enlighten

Liaoning head sends: Zhao Jiwei, Guo Ailun, Mei Ao, He Tianju, Han Dejun

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