183 relaxed sky are received, be still written down so that the first high school gives birth to this treasure island

183 relaxed sky are received, be still written down so that the first high school gives birth to this treasure island

OriginalWitness basketball believer

The basketball put together last summer art ” backboard is green “

Many fan friends should have attention

The individual feels quite good-looking still

Also adopt this program just about

More and more people were known come from treasure island Taiwan

The Lin Yanting that the first high school gives birth to monicker Taiwan

Lin Yanting last year just business of Home Cong Nengren graduates

Be in last years of career of him high school

He guided team to be hit 17 get the better of indefectible military successes strong gain the championship

Oneself also took total final MVP

This 00 hind 4 years 3 seize MVP! Inferior black competition ground all 17 minutes! Strong yesterday make bully HBL!

Lin Yanting most make a person impressive

The likelihood is his fitness

A few tall difficulty often can be finished to buckle basket in actual combat

After high school graduates

Lin Yanting learns to grow without a few of He Nengren

The good brother Gao Jinwei that still has oneself is same

The selection goes university of hike science and technology

Chose political university to serve as his below one station however

At present the university league matches of Taiwan had ended

University of hike science and technology took champion two years continuously

And Lin Yanting was to be elected as new personality king

Whole sports season

Lin Yanting altogether played 22 games

All 11 minutes 5.7 board 3.6 secondary attack 1.5 grab 0.3 lids cap

Shoot a basket hits the target rate 43.8%

Hit the target 3 minutes rate 34.8%

More comprehensive still

Nevertheless team is behaved in the whole of 8 strong competition is not very good

Fail finally to be entered so 4 strong

A bit regretful

After entering a college

Of Lin Yanting notch and period of unlike high school is so relaxed

Nevertheless whole hits the target rate is good still

Dozen of his law is more full-scale

Can break through also can shoot a basket

All can hit the target 1.5 write down 3 minutes of balls

Terminative capability is very additionally strong also

Want of course the match of high level of sound the night watches

The individual feels Lin Yanting accuse carry to still need to continue to rise

It is the stability of shoot a basket additionally

Lin Yanting looks in light of finally this is written down receive for nothing

Too beautiful!