Zhanmusi was accused again! Davis of old speak of somebody in glowing terms of lake person name!

Zhanmusi was accused again! Davis of old speak of somebody in glowing terms of lake person name!

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Zhanmusi is in Le Bulang recently a segregation, but he was accused because of incident again court; An old Gubaer of NBA is right the Anthony Davis of effectiveness Yu Hu’s person gave out now extremely high opinion; The boss of the rocket this sports season it may be said is distracted, we look in detail below.

Zhanmusi by claim for compensation

Zhanmusi is in in December 2019 portion, person of a lake is opposite in the match of a showing tremendous enthusiasm, face heart of accept of plum Ye Si Lun, used write down cruel buckle.

The Zhanmusi after contest also releases this piece of photograph to his gregarious media, and express oneself very enjoy this hour.

Originally this thing is very common the work that does not pass, but however unexpectedly Zhanmusi’s optional operation, caused the dissatisfaction of a certain person again, this malcontent person also with ” tort ” for reason, compensate of Si Suo of Xiang Zhan Mu 150 thousand.

Is this after all how one and the same? Original, what Zhanmusi releases on his gregarious media is cruel buckle a photograph, be one is called Si Difen rice to cut the cameraman of Er to film.

Miqieer states Zhanmusi is below the circumstance that agrees without him himself, used the picture that he films with respect to privately, this belongs to the act that violates copyright.

Of course, normally cameraman won’t mind to be filmed of the photograph the picture that oneself use oneself, but will tell from the angle of copyright, zhanmusi’s practice is tort really.

Be worth what carry is, the Zhanmusi before this released the picture of period of a piece of showing tremendous enthusiasm on his gregarious media, told a court with the reason of tort with respect to the Er that be cut by rice.

And when over- before long, this Miqieer captured Zhanmusi again ” the copyright that violates him ” behavior, this can be the rhythm that accuses Zhanmusi after all really.

Of course, also can a lot of people raise doubt, zhanmusi is the picture that using his this, put oneself picture on his gregarious media, should not attribute tort action.

But the player that Zhanmusi is NBA, he on NBA competition ground does not have the copyright of the photograph, cameraman owns copyright, the photograph also is registered to be in his under one’s name.

Zhanmusi is not used via copyright is permitted just, it is the action that attributes tort truly really.

Perhaps cameraman is for only ” want money ” , perhaps be to became famous, zhanmusi is public character, every act is paid close attention to by a lot of people, a few people want to rely on to engage in a lawsuit will win economically pay.

Davis of highly praise of Gu Ba Er

Is Gubaer what kind of person also? He is to be on allied history, the player with center position most honor, before Jordan appears, gubaer is history of NBA be thinkinged the existence of the first person.

And business decided his affection his unlike charmer writings brush about abdicate and red of Michael Er tall are same, can saying what word.

He praises publicly rarely player of a certain posterity, but now the Anthony Davis of effectiveness Yu Hu’s person is an exception however.

Gubaer is first ” vaunting ” oneself fascia skill, namely well-known ” the day is ticked off ” , gubaer expresses:

“I agree from Qiao Zhimai when elementary school over there acquired this kind of technology that tick off a hand, in my new beautiful sports season, chamberlain once the day that once the cap dropped me points skill. But since then, he also does not prevent me again, summit summit period never the person can build me tick off a hand. Summit summit period never the person can build me tick off a hand..

Gu Ba Er mentioned the gold years that is him designedly, although be absent that period, also only piece of Bai Luncai close over passes.

Speak of this present alliance next, fine long hair expresses Gubaer forthwith, current alliance most the star that resembles oneself is Anthony Davis, gubaer expresses:

“Anthony Davis is current most the player that resembles me, but I never cast 3 minutes in that way like him, nevertheless the other side in his match is mixed I am very similar. Nevertheless the other side in his match is mixed I am very similar..

Although two people belong to planted agent player, but aggression style however the regnant power that unlike convention center gave 3 seconds area to lose his in that way, the aggression technology of two people is more full-scale.

Consider the center of historical level, each have respective fascia technical ability, o’Neil’s tonnage is the for instance most sufficient, of Chamberlain erupt force is the most powerful, aolazhu the footstep of flourishing is the most outstanding.

But the work that attends by the hand, what neither one planted agent can say Bigubaer is done is better.

The Gubaer of summit summit period, thinkable limitation means has only ” pray his bos that tick off a hand ” , more terrible is Gubaer gives the 2nd sports season to enter summit summit, and summit summit lasted 16 years.

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