Transmit of fierce Lei agent refutes a rumor small gain: Understand authority mood factualism

Transmit of fierce Lei agent refutes a rumor small gain: Understand authority mood factualism

Article origin: Guangzhou did not gain enough Pan mighty force

Wu Lei go up again heat up search, again because new coronal is pneumonic.

5 days ago, gusiche of reporter of broadcasting station of Spanish division shellfish, in individual socialization platform releases an information, say to obtain precise information from place of personage of know the inside story, wu Lei ranks Spaish group ” 6 new coronals are pneumonic and electropositive patient ” one of.

Very fast, the new media company that comes from division of group of Chinese Chengdu medium to fall ” red star news ” , took the lead in contacting this to explode makings great mind, contact instantly interview, constituent interpreter, ” new coronal of fierce Lei diagnose is pneumonic ” message, release in whole Chinese world.

According to red star journalist answer dish, this is very the press that challenges a gender, because allow,must not point out partly wrong. The 5 big league matches that Wu Lei is Chinese football leave ocean alone seedling, it is the focus that countrywide fan cares, once the accuracy of this message gave any issues, the public letter force of this media will be destroyed sexual blow.

But their be anxious, did not last too long. After a few hours, xinhua News Agency also was obtained from authoritative channel confirm an information, spent a few hours again, china is sufficient assist also issued official announcement, announce new coronal of fierce Lei diagnose is pneumonic and electropositive. Arrived that day in the evening, wu Lei gives out video through individual small gain, personally admits to keeping apart cure. So far, wu Lei suffers from on the message with new pneumonic coronal, just calculate formal final.

Of course, can see in the video that Cong Wulei releases, his psychosis is pretty good, the mood also is done not have too too grave. With the fitness of young athlete, resistance passes light-duty virus, the odds that restores health afresh is very big. Accordingly the outside also does not have overmuch concern to Wu Lei, majority person believes thoroughly, wu Lei can restore health quickly certainly.

Late on March 25 at 20 o’clock, first ” Wu Lei affirms new coronal is pneumonic turn shade ” message, brush once more explode entire network, and origin still is the red star news that takes the lead in announcing last. This media reporter told about whole course in friend circle — just came off work originally, nodded outside sell preparation to come home, get the mail of Gusiche of reporter of division shellfish broadcasting station suddenly, the character of a few English of caption clarity ” Wu Lei OK ” . In mail, gusiche expresses, be in know from personage of know the inside story again, wu Lei already checked at undertaking nucleic acid recently, affirm had turned for negative.

According to Gusiche’s view, the medical observation that Wu Lei had gotten a club removes license, need to keep apart 14 days to go again by the regulation only. After obtaining this one information, red star news releases exclusive information instantly, to countrywide fan announce good news, wu Lei has restored health. As a result of the accuracy of before one message, this the outside believes thoroughly to the report of red star news, whole Internet world, dou Zaigong is fond of Wu Lei.

But of this thing invert to come very quickly, after red star news releases an information mere 3 hours, attestation is ” small gain of fierce Lei government ” date of small gain Zhang, refute a rumor with respect to what release external message. Date of be in debt is textual as follows: “[announcement] recently, the alleged Spain media that appears on the net explodes the relevant content that virus of a series of Wu Lei new coronal of makings affect, include diagnose time, symptom, rehabilitation process and recently answer measure the relevant content such as negative, all do not belong to solid. Him Wu Lei is current the case is good, but still be in segregation to treat stage, have not do detect again. All messages are with official channel please accurate. We also are met do to him health condition for a short while update further, appreciate everybody’s attention. Appreciate everybody’s attention..

Be worth what carry is, this attestation is ” small gain of fierce Lei government ” Zhang date, by doubt of a lot of fan, whether to obtain fierce Lei authorization really. Understand according to me, sign of be in debt is the earliest it is really run by fan, but after Wu Lei leaves ocean, date of be in debt has been take-overed by company of fierce Lei broker, belong to release Wu Lei the official channel of pertinent information. In this small gain is released hind a hour, agent Mr Huang of Wu Lei also encircles transmit in the friend this small gain, match civil say: Understand everybody’s mood, but still should respect science, esteem rule, factualism.

Of agent make known one’s position, should be the last hammer of this incident originally. Can be in after be being refuted a rumor, red star news again the same night was contacted explode makings person ancient Si Che, and Gusiche also says with mail reply again, oneself news source and agree completely last, and express bewilderment, say normally pneumonic turn shade is good news, “The factitious what that does not understand fierce Lei backside should deny all these ” .

Luo Sheng door expands this stake now, bilateral and basic it is to stick to one’s argument. Media here, explode last after all makings is accurate, trustful feeling has been built, many fan choose to believe. But more fan, still choose to believe economic company of Wu Lei, after all they just are true the closest person that communicates with Wu Lei everyday.

As to him Wu Lei, continued to update late on March 25 ” fierce Lei Zhou Ji ” , illness progress was not mentioned in article, use the perspective of the wife however, told about this and not allow to leave ocean easily one year.

Countrywide fan is awaiting the news that Wu Lei recovers as soon as possible, come as soon as possible.